Point Mobile PM260


PM260 is suitable for receiving, stock-taking, pricing, stock replenishment at shop floor as well as loading & unloading, items in/out/transfer, picking & packing at retail back floor. Plus depending on the working environment, in terms of vertical market, PM260 can be utilized at warehous-es, logistics depot & distribution centers, manufacturing lines / factories and any asset tracking required environments. With affordable pricing PM260, you enjoy various features not only accurate barcode scanning but also fast roaming wireless LAN, VoIP supports with Bluetooth wireless headset, multiple function key for short-cut program access and robust & superior ergonomic design.



Features & Benefits

Adopting two most popular operating systems in the market
Traditional inside-4-wall market applications still require Microsoft Windows operating systems: PM260 adopt two most famous but latest one from Microsoft, which are Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Professional and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Classic.

Experience fast & stable wireless communication technologies
Wireless LAN supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n that provides fast roaming (hand-over) among multiple routers and access points at various harsh environment. PM260 is a VoIP-ready unit with built-in microphone and speaker and you can use Bluetooth wireless headset in VoIP required application such as voice picking system.

                      usb sync cable, single-slot cradle, Extanded battery, 4-slot Battery Charger, 4-slot Cradle, single-slot Ethernet Cradle 

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